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The Alpha-Beta-Delta-Gamma-Omega-Sigma Personality

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And here they are, every type with small explanation:

  • Alpha Male:

The alpha male is the intelligent, good-looking confident male that is his own man. He does his own things and has complete confidence in everything he does. He may have some doubts about himself, but nothing will every cloud his judgement or logic. He is liked by everyone, a born leader, he has an easy charme and is well aware of his presence. Women are drawn to his charisma and to previous mentioned presence. He enjoys social-life and having lots of people around, he needs constant social interaction otherwise he starts to feel depressed or “drained” like batteries that need to be recharge. A alpha male is a natural leader who seeks out leadership positions. He the kind of person that takes action first and steps up when necessary. He doesn’t listen to or respects other authorities, he is unable to subordinate in any way.

  • Beta Male:

The beta male is shy and introverted, far away from socially dominant like alpha-males. He follows instead of leading something, he is a wingman, a loyal companion that is plagued by insecurities and self-doubts. He is liked by the people, woman find him attractive at times but he’s the first that gets friendzoned. The beta male is nervous around people and avoids social situations, because he’s always afraid to be judged. He’s the second in command type, the smart guy behind the scenes. They do not stand out, they just do what the alpha tells him to do.

  • Omega Male:

The omega male is the most complicated one, because you can see him in different ways. The omega male is the complete opposite of the alpha male although they have many things in common. He is confident and intelligent like the alpha, but he doesn’t care about social life. He lacks at social life behavior completely. He likes being alone and his strength comes from his self-confidence, he is his own man aswell. He doesn’t need many people around him, he has a few loyal friends around him that he trusts and that’s all he needs. He seems someway cold and distant at times because his self-possesion is active at all times, most people would call him strange and creepy, escpecially because of his lack of social skills. An Omegas trust must be earned. He is mostly the outsider that lives in a small little hut far away from everything. He is a born leader too, but he doesn’t seek this position and don’t care if he isn’t the center of the world. Generally speaking, omegas are the best leaders. He has few intimate relationships, but the ones he have excel everything an alpha could dream of.

The other way around omegas are the losers of society, those who were never in the game. They live alone and hide in their own life. They need to be discovered and forced to their ‘luck’. They are not invited to any party, because no one would ever think of inviting them. Not because nobody likes him, just because nobody knows that he exists in the first place.

  • Delta Male

Delta Males are the ‘normal’ men. They aren’t able to attract the most beautiful woman but instead looking for the best they can get. They search for a second-tier girl, while stubbornly ignoring all the girls that would be in their league, to end up eventually without any girl at all. If he ends up with a second-tier girl, he is constantly haunted by the thought that she loses interest in him and eventually gets her to that exact point by his behavior to get her attendance every time. He pretty much destroys himself with constant self-doubts. Deltas are clustered in groups, because they are way too fearful alone. Deltas like to put the female sex on pedastals with way too high expectations. They’re the first that bad-mouth about Alphas/Betas, completely unable to be a leader at any times. They fear being in a job with responsibility. They are afraid of talking to woman, because they see them as complete mystery. Deltas are the common people and the majority of men.

  • Gamma Male

The invisible, unspectular, introspective. but somehow mysterious guy. He is intelligent, but neither a Alpha/Beta/Omega. Your personality and appearance is unknown and blends in with your surroundings. The gamma is a bitter person, unsuccesful with woman, hating them entirely or putting them on a throne like deltas. But if a gammas spots a girl, he becomes obsessed of her. Doing everything to get her attention, even if that means being the creepy stalker. Gammas are the ones that mumble something in a corner and nag on everything. Gammas aren’t leaders and don’t follow aswell, but they can be something like that temporary. People in general like gammas, because they know pretty much nothing about them. Gammas are the neutral force when two alphas meet each other, diffusing difficult situations is something they can do pretty well.

  • Sigma Male

Sigmas are feared by alphas. Charming masterminds, able to manipulate everyone. Sigmas are like predators, waiting in the dark, ready to let their trap snap any time. They can talk to people like no other, the social aspect of life is their game. Sigmas are cunning, intuitive masterminds who can drag everyone to their side. They aren’t a leader like Alphas/Omegas, but people respect them, even if they think you’re strange. No one would ever dare to disagree with you. Sigmas are males that can be more powerful than Alphas/Omegas because of their amazing social skill of manipulating. You are the Joker that everyone keeps in their backhand. The man that does the dirty work behind the scenes. The man that doesn’t need any blood to settle things. But even a Sigma has its limit, you can’t manipulate everything for as long as you want. But just a smile of yours can make every alpha go rampage. Sigmas are the the ones that come to a party with the most beautiful girl, that no one has ever seen before, just to greet everyone and leave immediately after. Sigmas only use their power when necessary.

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  1. “He doesn’t listen to or respects other authorities, he is unable to subordinate in any way. ”

    This is a rediculous final comment about the alpha male. an alpha male knows his limitations, but tests his limits more than the others. That last statement in your description sounds more like a fool.

  2. I’m placing my comment here and not on any other site because I find your descriptions the most useful of the many similar sites I’ve found. Neither psychology nor sociology has clearly delineated the six male personality types;there may be more or fewer. Nonetheless, I find the descriptions useful if we apply them instinctively rather than by strict rules, and they can be guides to understanding ourselves. Yours, as I said, seem the most useful.

    • Hi Jerry, thanks for coming by this blog.
      Glad if you find this article helpfull. But I also want to clarify that this article is not mine, I just reposting this article on my blog,so I have no rights to this article.

  3. I dont know what I am I always want to be the best i know i have the skills but i have so many self doubts base on my life experience. im willing to workhard for what I want to be i always want to be the best.

  4. This description of omega is stunning of precision about that paradoxical leadership gift being retained unless the omega is chief of the world.